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The founders of Cobia Holdings bring more than 20 years of experience in Southwest Florida to the table, where they have been instrumental in business development and providing consultancy services for the real estate sector, including some of the leading local brokerages. Over the past decade alone, our founders have carried out real estate transactions worth over half a billion dollars. We’re looking to partner with agents to extend our unique offerings to your clients and help you CLOSE MORE DEALS and earn tons of commissions.

Ready to do more deals? Want to capitalize on EVERY deal – even ones that are tricky? Contact Cobia today. We’re looking for Agents just like you!

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How We Work With Agents

A question we often get asked by agents is – how EXACTLY do you work with real estate agents? Well – it’s simple really, we’re typically brought in on trickier, more interesting, or “problem” deals. We’re problem solvers by nature, and some of our team are agents. We’re here to help you secure your listing, make more deals, and earn commissions. Below is a short list of some of the ways we can work together. 

Property Needs Repairs

Sell House Cash Naples Without Repairs

The average home owner needs to put in 5% of the value of the home to get it ready – many these days simply DO NOT have the money to do this, or – in some extreme cases, much more must be spent to bring the property up-to market. We step in to purchase the home, and make repairs so your client doesn’t have to be out of pocket. 

Major Damage or Issues

Impact of Hurricane Ian on Businesses in Southwest Florida

Hurricane Ian totally destroyed whole swaths of Southwest Florida. Many of the homeowners we’re talking to are still navigating insurance issues. 

If you have a client with a home that is totally destroyed, we can help out – step in, purchase it quickly for cash and ensure you receive your commission on the deal. 

Emergencies & Time Crunch

Naples Pier to Undergo Partial Reconstruction with $20M Budget Approved by City Council

If your client is dealing with a personal emergency or scenario where they need to make sure the home is sold by a particular date – often time that precludes a conventional on-market sale. 

We can make sure your client situation needs are met and you’re the hero! We want to work with clients 

Creative Financing

Tuckaway Cafe Property Sold for $3.1 Million

We also work with agents and clients who have unique needs as far as financing. Typically we’ll analyze the situation after a discussion with you and then come up with a plan of action. Be it seller financing or something more creative. We’ve done a ton of deals and earned agents commissions on these sales.

Any ReasonAny ConditionAny Challenge
Health ProblemsStorm DamageFinancial Issues
BankruptcyNew HousesTitle Issues
Major Repairs NeededFull of Stuff or TrashFamily Matters
UpgradingProblem TenantsLate on Mortgage Payment
ForeclosureFire DamageHoarder’s Home
Inherited PropertiesOld, Outdated HousesOut of Area Property
DivorceMajor Repairs NeededLow Equity
DownsizingUnfinished ConstructionLarge Liens
RelocationTermite DamageCode Violations

20+ Years Consulting in SWFL Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent in Lee or Collier Counties in Southwest Florida? Are you trying to make more sales? Then, you’ve landed in the right spot! In Southwest Florida, many people rely on real estate agents to help them buy or sell homes. But, have you thought about other huge markets you’re missing out on? The business of buying and selling homes that are not listed publicly and real estate investment is really big. With our understanding of national, state-wide (Florida), and local economic trends, we believe this market is going to grow even more while traditional real estate deals become less common in the next 5 years.

Ready to learn more about real estate investment? Let’s get started!

Cobia Holdings & How We Work With Agents

Cobia Holdings is a well-known and trusted company in the Southwest Florida real estate business. We’ve been around for many years and people know us in the local market. We’re known for doing a great job and being professional. We always aim to provide the best service, which has made us a popular choice for buyers, sellers, and agents.

Over the past 20 years, the founders of our company have taught, consulted, and marketed services for some of the top names in the real estate and building industry.


Cobia is Your Resource for MORE Sales

What is Cobia:

To put it simply, Cobia and our partner companies, handle all sorts of real estate deals in Southwest Florida, especially homes not listed publicly. Here are the types of projects we are involved in:

  1. Off-market properties: We work with homeowners with special needs to buy their homes quickly and then sell on the open market.
  2. On-market, with added value: We help homes that need repairs to meet safety standards and be ready for sale.
  3. Fixing & flipping: The usual process of fixing and selling homes.
  4. Cash flow creation: Holding on to properties in our portfolio or developing properties and reselling.
  5. Multi-family properties.

We have several strategies and resources that allow us to step into a property (either by ourselves or with an agent) and provide great value. Some of these strategies include:

  1. Personal Loans: We can help people who might be a bit late on mortgage payments, taxes, or safety issues to secure a loan.
  2. Agent: Listing the home normally.
  3. Loan modification: We work with homeowners, their realtors, and our network of lawyers to help homeowners modify their loans.
  4. Rental: Renting out part of their property for extra money.
  5. Cash offer: A regular wholesale offer where we buy the property immediately for cash, with no inspections – closing usually in 2 – 4 weeks.
  6. Creative Financing – Subject 2: Creative ways we can take over their payments or property and pay them no matter what the situation.
  7. Renovate/List: Team up to fix the home and list it for sale.
  8. Bankruptcy: It can be a good option in some cases but is handled by one of our partner lawyers.

How We Work with Southwest Florida Real Estate Agents

At Cobia Holdings, we believe in working together. That’s why we have teamed up with local real estate agents to help each other succeed. By working together, we can use each other’s strengths and provide the best service for our clients.

One of the good things about working with Cobia Holdings as an agent in Southwest Florida is that you get access to our wide network and resources. We know many industry professionals like lenders, inspectors, appraisers, lawyers, and contractors. This network allows our agents to get a lot of support and expert advice throughout the real estate process.

We understand that being an agent can be tough. That’s why we are committed to helping and encouraging our network of real estate professionals.

How Can We Work Together?

It’s easy – whenever youface a difficult situation (like financing issues, or home repairs), just think of Cobia and give us a ring. We’re here to help you find solutions, and can connect you with our network of contractors and investors to ensure you secure the deal and get your commission.


More About Cobia & Real Estate Agents

Cobia Holdings is a trailblazing real estate investment company renowned for its innovative and strategic approach to property investment. By infusing technology, years of industry experience, and deep market knowledge, we’re dedicated to acquiring, developing, and managing a diverse portfolio of properties. Our diverse portfolio spans across residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties, and we have a proven track record of delivering impressive returns for our partners and clients.

Our partnership model is built on our firm belief in synergistic relationships and cooperation. At Cobia Holdings, we understand that a well-rounded real estate strategy requires an understanding of many different facets of the industry. That’s why we partner with real estate agents who bring to the table their unique understanding of markets, trends, and property values. These collaborations allow us to come up with complex property ideas that could otherwise be overlooked.

For instance, we work closely with agents to identify properties with potential that others might miss, those that might benefit from a different developmental approach or an unconventional business model. This could be a commercial property ripe for mixed-use redevelopment or a residential property that could be reimagined to better suit changing demographic trends. The agents, with their ears to the ground and finger on the pulse of the local market, provide valuable insights that help us make informed investment decisions.

In return, our real estate agent partners gain the benefit of our investment expertise, access to our broad network of contacts, and the assurance that they are working with a reputable company known for ethical practices and success. By fostering these collaborations, Cobia Holdings is at the forefront of driving novel and successful property ventures, leading the charge in the real estate investment landscape.