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At Cobia Holdings, we understand that facing a foreclosure can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional services to homeowners who find themselves in such trying times. We believe that everyone deserves a fighting chance, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Going through Foreclosure? Keep your equity AND your credit score. We’ll even pay for moving costs + find you a new home!

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Foreclosure What Are Your Options

Foreclosure is a scary word – and a scary process. But, it doesn’t have to be with Cobia’s foreclosure experts. We’ve helped clients throughout southwest Florida (From Marco Island through Port Charlotte) navigate the messy details of a foreclosure for many years having done more than $400 Million in transactions over the last 10 years.  

We are a real estate solutions company. Listing your home is one over nearly a dozens tools we have in our arsenal to help you avoid many of the most dangerous aspects of foreclosure. 

Foreclosure Southwest Florida

AVOID The Common Pitfalls of a Foreclosure

Foreclosure, when one takes a giant step back and analyzes the whole system – is one of the greatest scams on the planet. The banks, borrow money out of thin air – and then lend it to you at a very predatory rate, AND it’s compounding! The average home owner will pay ROUGHLY 2X what the home cost. Then… if you miss a payment, they take ownership of that asset (at full value) and then sell it at market prices. The bank is always protected, but you are not. 

At current rates of 8% – the average home in Souhtwest Florida is $400,000 and a 30 year mortgage is $2700 – the total comes to nearly $700,000. 

Loss of Equity

You have equity in your home. Don’t let the Banks Take Everything. Often you can sell, pay off the mortgage and pocket your equity. We show you how. 

Credit Destruction

Credit destruction after a foreclosure is devastating and lasts 7 years. There are a ton of options to help you avoid this during the foreclosure process.  We’ll show you how. 

Loss of Time

It might sound silly, but one of the biggest problems we solve for clients going through foreclosure is simply time. We handle everything for you. Saving time and $.

Loss of Peace of Mind

The process of foreclosure is scary and daunting, but with our expert team you don’t have to worry – we’ll help guide you along every step of the way. 

Foreclosure Video

Our team put the following instructional video together in order to educate our clients on the process of foreclosure. 

Top 10 FAQs About Foreclosure in Southwest Florida

Foreclosure is a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments, by forcing the sale of the property used as collateral for the loan.

It usually begins after a borrower fails to make several mortgage payments, prompting the lender to take legal action to recover the owed amount.

The timeline varies based on many different factors and specific circumstances, but it typically ranges from 6 to 36 months.

Homeowners have specific rights during the foreclosure process, including the right to be notified, the right to reinstate the loan, and the right to redemption, among others. It’s crucial to be aware of and exercise these rights.

Yes, there are several options available to homeowners, including loan modifications, short sales, or declaring bankruptcy, which can halt or delay the foreclosure process.

In a foreclosure, the lender takes ownership of the property due to the borrower’s inability to make payments. A short sale, on the other hand, is when the lender agrees to let the homeowner sell the property for less than what’s owed on the mortgage.

A foreclosure can significantly lower your credit score and remain on your credit report for seven years. The exact drop in score can vary based on your individual credit profile.

Yes, homeowners can consider loan modifications, forbearance agreements, refinancing, or even selling the property to avoid foreclosure.

Once a home is foreclosed, the lender typically sells it at an auction. If it doesn’t sell there, it becomes a real estate-owned (REO) property and is listed in the open market.

Unlike conventional real estate firms we have a TON of options we can help you navigate. We’ve done nearly a $half billion in Real Estate transactions over the last decade – and have dealt with many foreclosures and have a number 

We provide expert guidance, negotiate on your behalf, explore alternatives, and ensure that you’re informed throughout the process. We prioritize your interests and seek the most favorable outcomes.

Contact Our Foreclosure Team Immediately!

Seriously! We’ve seen too many good people get taken through the ringer by big banks when it comes to foreclosures. We understand, you’re working hard and doing what you can to make ends-meet, but occassionally problems happen that simply cannot be planned for. And when you need it most the banks come after you the hardest. But, if you contact us today we can show you strategies to stop your foreclosure, and save your credit and your equity. Foreclosure doesn’t have to be a financial death sentence. 

You have equity in your home. Don’t let the Banks Take Everything. Often you can sell, pay off the mortgage and pocket your equity. We show you how.