16 Handles frozen yogurt, ice cream shop opens first SWFL location

16 Handles frozen yogurt, ice cream shop opens first SWFL location


16 Handles, a popular frozen yogurt and ice cream shop, has opened its first location in Southwest Florida. The new store offers a variety of flavors and toppings for customers to create their own unique frozen treats.

Top 10 Flavors to Try at 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt

16 Handles, the popular frozen yogurt and ice cream chain, has finally opened its first location in Southwest Florida. With over 40 flavors and a variety of toppings to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to try first. To help you navigate the menu, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 flavors to try at 16 Handles.

1. Classic Tart: This is the signature flavor of 16 Handles and a must-try for any first-time visitor. It has a tangy and refreshing taste that pairs well with any topping.

2. Peanut Butter Cup: If you’re a fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you’ll love this flavor. It’s a creamy blend of peanut butter and chocolate that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

3. Cake Batter: This flavor tastes just like cake batter, making it a popular choice among kids and adults alike. It’s a sweet and creamy treat that pairs well with sprinkles and other colorful toppings.

4. Cookies and Cream: This classic flavor is a crowd-pleaser and a safe bet for anyone who can’t decide what to try. It’s a creamy blend of vanilla ice cream and chunks of Oreo cookies.

5. Salted Caramel: This flavor is a perfect balance of sweet and salty. It’s a creamy caramel base with a hint of sea salt that will leave you wanting more.

6. Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet: If you’re looking for a refreshing and fruity option, try the Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet. It’s a tangy blend of strawberries and lemon that’s perfect for a hot summer day.

7. Mint Chocolate Chip: This classic flavor is a favorite among many. It’s a creamy blend of mint ice cream and chocolate chips that’s perfect for any chocolate lover.

8. Red Velvet Cake: This flavor tastes just like red velvet cake, complete with cream cheese frosting. It’s a rich and decadent treat that’s perfect for any special occasion.

9. Chocolate Fudge Brownie: This flavor is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s a rich and creamy blend of chocolate ice cream and chunks of fudge brownie.

10. Pina Colada Sorbet: This flavor is a tropical escape in a cup. It’s a creamy blend of pineapple and coconut that’s perfect for anyone who loves a fruity and refreshing treat.

In addition to these top 10 flavors, 16 Handles also offers a variety of seasonal flavors and rotating specials. Be sure to check the menu regularly to see what’s new and exciting.

At 16 Handles, you can customize your frozen yogurt or ice cream with a variety of toppings, including fresh fruit, candy, and syrups. You can also choose from a variety of cones and cups to enjoy your treat in.

Overall, 16 Handles is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth and try new flavors. With so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a classic tart fan or a chocolate lover, you’re sure to find a flavor that you’ll love. So, head to 16 Handles and try one (or all) of these top 10 flavors today!

Behind the Scenes: How 16 Handles Creates Their Signature Swirls

16 Handles, the popular frozen yogurt and ice cream chain, has finally opened its first location in Southwest Florida. The new store, located in Naples, is already drawing in crowds with its signature swirls and endless toppings. But have you ever wondered how 16 Handles creates those perfect swirls? Let’s take a look behind the scenes.

First, it’s important to understand the basics of frozen yogurt. Unlike traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt is made with milk instead of cream, which makes it lower in fat and calories. It also contains live and active cultures, which are beneficial for gut health. 16 Handles uses a proprietary blend of yogurt cultures to create their signature tangy flavor.

Once the yogurt base is made, it’s time to add in the flavors. 16 Handles offers a wide variety of flavors, from classic vanilla and chocolate to more unique options like matcha green tea and birthday cake. The flavors are carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients to ensure a delicious taste.

But the real magic happens when it’s time to swirl the flavors together. 16 Handles uses a special machine that combines the yogurt and flavors while also adding in air to create a light and fluffy texture. The machine also ensures that the flavors are evenly distributed throughout the yogurt.

To create the perfect swirl, the 16 Handles team uses a technique called “overrun.” This means that they add more air to the yogurt than is strictly necessary, which creates a lighter texture and allows the flavors to blend together seamlessly. The result is a beautiful, Instagram-worthy swirl that looks as good as it tastes.

Of course, no frozen yogurt or ice cream is complete without toppings. 16 Handles offers a dizzying array of toppings, from fresh fruit and candy to cereal and cookie dough. The toppings are carefully selected to complement the flavors of the yogurt and create a truly personalized dessert experience.

But it’s not just about the taste and appearance of the yogurt. 16 Handles is committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their stores. They use biodegradable spoons and cups, and their stores are designed to be energy-efficient. They also partner with local charities and organizations to give back to the community.

In conclusion, 16 Handles has become a beloved frozen yogurt and ice cream chain for good reason. Their commitment to quality ingredients, sustainable practices, and personalized dessert experiences has made them a favorite among dessert lovers everywhere. And now, with their first location in Southwest Florida, even more people can experience the magic of 16 Handles. So next time you’re in Naples, be sure to stop by and try one of their signature swirls. You won’t be disappointed.

16 Handles’ Commitment to Sustainability: A Look at Their Eco-Friendly Practices

16 Handles, a popular frozen yogurt and ice cream chain, has recently opened its first location in Southwest Florida. While the shop is sure to attract customers with its delicious treats, it’s also worth noting the company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

One of the ways 16 Handles demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is through its use of biodegradable spoons. These spoons are made from a plant-based material that breaks down naturally over time, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, the company uses paper cups and straws that are also biodegradable.

Another way 16 Handles promotes sustainability is through its partnership with Terracycle, a company that specializes in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. Customers can bring in their empty yogurt cups and other packaging to be recycled through Terracycle’s program. This not only reduces waste but also helps to conserve natural resources by reusing materials.

In addition to its eco-friendly practices, 16 Handles also sources its ingredients from local and sustainable farms whenever possible. This not only supports local businesses but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting ingredients long distances. By using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, 16 Handles is able to offer high-quality products while also promoting sustainability.

The company also uses energy-efficient equipment in its stores, such as LED lighting and Energy Star-rated appliances. This helps to reduce energy consumption and lower the store’s carbon footprint. Additionally, 16 Handles has implemented a recycling program in its stores to ensure that waste is properly sorted and disposed of.

Overall, 16 Handles’ commitment to sustainability is an important aspect of the company’s mission. By promoting eco-friendly practices and sourcing ingredients from local and sustainable farms, the company is able to offer delicious treats while also reducing its impact on the environment. Customers can feel good about supporting a business that prioritizes sustainability and takes steps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

In conclusion, 16 Handles’ new location in Southwest Florida is sure to be a hit with customers looking for a sweet treat. However, it’s important to also recognize the company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. From biodegradable spoons to locally sourced ingredients, 16 Handles is taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment and promote sustainability. By supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability, we can all do our part to create a more sustainable future.


16 Handles frozen yogurt and ice cream shop has opened its first location in Southwest Florida.

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