Rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island

Rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island

Rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island


The rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island is a significant project that aims to restore the iconic property to its former glory. The project involves the demolition of the existing structures and the construction of new buildings that will offer modern amenities while preserving the island’s natural beauty. The new Shalimar Cottages & Motel will provide guests with a comfortable and luxurious stay, complete with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. The project is expected to be completed in the near future, and it is sure to be a popular destination for tourists visiting Sanibel Island.

The History of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island

Rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island is a beautiful place to visit, with its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundant wildlife. But did you know that one of the island’s most beloved landmarks, the Shalimar Cottages & Motel, has a fascinating history?

The Shalimar Cottages & Motel was originally built in the 1950s, during the height of the post-World War II tourism boom. It quickly became a popular destination for families looking for an affordable and comfortable place to stay on the island.

Over the years, the Shalimar Cottages & Motel underwent several renovations and updates, but it always maintained its charming, retro vibe. Guests loved the colorful, beachy decor, the friendly staff, and the convenient location just steps from the beach.

But in 2017, disaster struck. Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit Florida, wreaked havoc on Sanibel Island and the surrounding areas. The Shalimar Cottages & Motel was severely damaged, with many of the buildings suffering extensive water and wind damage.

For a while, it seemed like the Shalimar Cottages & Motel might be lost forever. But the owners were determined to rebuild, and they set to work restoring the property to its former glory.

The rebuilding process was a long and difficult one, but the owners were committed to preserving the unique character of the Shalimar Cottages & Motel. They worked with local architects and designers to recreate the vintage look and feel of the property, while also incorporating modern amenities and safety features.

Today, the Shalimar Cottages & Motel is once again open for business, and guests are thrilled to see that it’s better than ever. The cottages and motel rooms have been completely renovated, with new furnishings, appliances, and fixtures. The landscaping has been refreshed, with lush tropical plants and flowers adding to the island vibe.

But perhaps the best part of the Shalimar Cottages & Motel is the sense of history and nostalgia that permeates the property. From the retro neon sign out front to the vintage postcards and photos on the walls, guests can’t help but feel transported back in time to a simpler, more carefree era.

Of course, there have been some changes since the Shalimar Cottages & Motel first opened its doors over 60 years ago. The property now boasts high-speed internet, flat-screen TVs, and other modern amenities that guests have come to expect. But even with these updates, the Shalimar Cottages & Motel remains a charming and affordable option for families and couples looking for a relaxing beach vacation.

So if you’re planning a trip to Sanibel Island, be sure to check out the Shalimar Cottages & Motel. You’ll be glad you did!

The Process of Rebuilding Shalimar Cottages & Motel: Challenges and Triumphs

Sanibel Island is a beautiful place to visit, with its pristine beaches and stunning sunsets. But for those who have been coming to the island for years, there is one place that holds a special place in their hearts: Shalimar Cottages & Motel. This iconic establishment has been a fixture on the island for over 50 years, and it has been a favorite of visitors and locals alike. Unfortunately, in 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the island hard, and Shalimar Cottages & Motel was one of the casualties. But the owners were determined to rebuild, and they did just that. Here is the story of the rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island.

The first challenge that the owners faced was the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. The storm had destroyed many of the buildings on the property, and the owners had to decide whether to rebuild or sell the property. They chose to rebuild, and they started the process by hiring an architect to design the new buildings. The architect had to take into account the new building codes that had been put in place since the original buildings were constructed. This meant that the new buildings had to be stronger and more resilient than the old ones.

Once the plans were finalized, the owners had to find a contractor to do the work. This was not an easy task, as many contractors were busy with other projects in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. But eventually, they found a contractor who was willing to take on the job. The contractor had experience with rebuilding after hurricanes, and he was confident that he could get the job done.

The next challenge was getting the necessary permits from the city. This was a long and tedious process, as the owners had to submit plans and wait for approval from various departments. But eventually, they got all the necessary permits, and construction began.

The construction process was not without its challenges. The contractor had to deal with unexpected issues, such as finding old septic tanks that had to be removed and replaced. But he was able to overcome these challenges, and the new buildings started to take shape.

One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the insurance company. The owners had to file a claim for the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, and they had to fight to get the full amount that they were entitled to. The insurance company tried to lowball them, but the owners were persistent, and they eventually got the full amount that they were owed.

Despite all the challenges, the owners were determined to rebuild Shalimar Cottages & Motel. They knew that it was an important part of the island’s history, and they wanted to preserve it for future generations. And in the end, they succeeded. The new buildings are even better than the old ones, with modern amenities and a design that fits in perfectly with the island’s natural beauty.

The rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel was a triumph over adversity. It was a long and difficult process, but the owners never gave up. They faced each challenge with determination and humor, and they emerged victorious. And now, visitors to Sanibel Island can once again enjoy the beauty and charm of Shalimar Cottages & Motel.

Experience the New and Improved Shalimar Cottages & Motel: A Review

Are you looking for a place to stay on Sanibel Island that’s both affordable and charming? Look no further than the newly rebuilt Shalimar Cottages & Motel.

After a devastating fire in 2017, the owners of Shalimar Cottages & Motel decided to rebuild from the ground up. And boy, did they deliver. The new and improved Shalimar is a sight to behold.

First off, let’s talk about the location. Shalimar is situated on the east end of Sanibel Island, just a short walk from the beach. And if you’re looking for some shopping or dining options, the historic Sanibel Island Lighthouse and the shops and restaurants of Periwinkle Place are just a short drive away.

But let’s get to the good stuff: the accommodations. Shalimar offers a variety of options, from cozy cottages to spacious motel rooms. And don’t worry about sacrificing comfort for affordability – all of the rooms are clean, comfortable, and well-appointed.

The cottages are particularly charming, with their bright colors and beachy decor. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen, so you can save some money by cooking your own meals. And if you’re traveling with a larger group, the two-bedroom cottages are perfect for families or groups of friends.

But even if you’re staying in a motel room, you won’t feel cramped. The rooms are spacious and airy, with plenty of natural light. And if you’re looking for a little extra luxury, the king rooms come with a Jacuzzi tub.

Now, let’s talk about the amenities. Shalimar has everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a heated pool, a barbecue area, and a laundry room. And if you’re traveling with kids, they’ll love the playground and the shuffleboard court.

But what really sets Shalimar apart is the attention to detail. The owners have thought of everything, from the beach chairs and umbrellas available for guests to borrow to the complimentary coffee and tea in the lobby. And if you need anything during your stay, the friendly staff is always happy to help.

One thing to note: Shalimar is a pet-friendly property, so if you’re allergic to dogs or cats, this might not be the place for you. But if you’re traveling with your furry friend, they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Overall, I can’t recommend Shalimar Cottages & Motel enough. It’s affordable, charming, and well-located. And with all of the amenities and attention to detail, you’ll feel right at home. So if you’re planning a trip to Sanibel Island, be sure to check out the new and improved Shalimar. You won’t be disappointed.


The rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel on Sanibel Island is a positive development for the tourism industry in the area. The new and improved accommodations will provide visitors with a comfortable and enjoyable stay, while also contributing to the local economy. The modern amenities and updated facilities will attract more tourists to the island, which will benefit both the business owners and the community as a whole. Overall, the rebuilding of Shalimar Cottages & Motel is a welcome addition to Sanibel Island.

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